By 2025, Telehealth will be the norm, not the exception.

WebDocUSA Fits Your Clients Needs

Corporate, institutional, health plan partner consumer base or MedicAid population, WebDocUSA has telehealth solutions that can help reduce overall healthcare costs and improve quality of life.

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Who We Are

WebDocUSA is a national, healthcare focused independent sales organization. We identify and partner with innovative telemedicine companies that best address increasing healthcare costs by providing affordable and convenient access to healthcare services. Through one low monthly subscription, consumers remotely access board certified licensed physicians and avoid expensive and time-consuming doctor’s visits. More than seventy percent of minor conditions can be diagnosed and treated remotely. We’re offering our clients a better solution at a lower price with no copays or surprise bills.

Join The Team

WebDocUSA is interested in partnering with groups and individuals who have a desire to build residual based income streams. The ideal partner has business clients, network based organizations, social media contacts and other large pools of consumers who can benefit from our services.

WebDocUSA is much more about educating than selling clients on our offerings. Once they understand the benefits, low cost and return on investment, they quickly convert from prospect to client. Our service just makes sense!

No more waiting for available appointments, taking sick days off from work and sitting in germ filled waiting rooms, just to speak with a doctor for 5 minutes to get a diagnosis and prescription if necessary. With WebDocUSA, all you have to do is log into your account, request a consult and within minutes you’re getting the help you need to get better, faster.

Join our team and make a difference. Click on the link below, complete the form and gain access to our agent dashboard. Once logged in, review the partner agreement, fee structure as well as sales and marketing material. Weekly training and support meetings are available to help you succeed.

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