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Ohio Medicaid has approved reimbursement for telehealth visits!

Ohio Medicaid patients now have options for zero cost coverage:

See a doctor remotely by phone or video – Telemedicine visits for non emergency conditions. Click here to register and schedule appointments.

Local clinician visits at a center:  ohiochc.org (click on Find a community health center)

In the event of an emergency call 911 or visit local urgent care

The WebDocUSA Telemedicine program for Medicaid recipients will go live on March 20th for pre-registration, April 10th for Well Visits and April 17th for all visits that can be diagnosed and treated remotely.

Below is the original rule change. If you are a Medicaid patient in the state of Ohio, you can schedule a telemedicine consultation with a licensed physician with zero cost. Click here to schedule a video/call.